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What We Check Before Recommending Pipe Lining

North Georgia Inliners is one of the pipe lining companies in Atlanta, GA that work hard to discover the most economical and effective repair techniques for your drain system. While pipe repair techniques vary according to pipe conditions, however, the majority of systems will benefit from an advanced and non-invasive trenchless technique called sewer pipe lining in Atlanta, GA.

Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining essentially covers or lines the inside of a pipe with a composite liner or coating, typically an epoxy coating. A frequently used technique is CIPP pipe lining in Atlanta, GA. Cured-in-place hardens and creates a form-fitting and durable new pipe inside the existing pipe.

Pipe Conditions

We use an inspection method based on underwater camera technology. This method sends back high-definition images showing the exact state of your pipes.

Highly deteriorated or collapsed pipes that won’t support any further repair or restoration efforts aren’t good candidates for pipe lining. Large-scale digging and replacement are the sensible options here.

However, advanced deterioration isn’t very common. Pipe damage can occur in various other forms.

  • Cracked pipes – Cracking is not uncommon in older clay pipes. Cracked pipes, however, will support pipe lining repair.
  • Leaks – Leaks can be small breaches in the pipe wall. Leaks can be repaired not only with lining techniques but also with epoxy coating.
  • Separated joints – Joint separations are another good application for epoxy repair or pipelining.
  • Corrosion –Older pipes are often cast iron. They’re tough, but they often rust and corrode and lead to pipe scale. These attributes make them good candidates for cast iron pipe lining in Atlanta, GA.

Trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA will effectively restore all leaks, joint separations, or cracks by creating a tough and corrosion-resistant new pipe. This new material will resist root intrusions and mineral scale and last for 50 years.

Rely on the Experts

North Georgia Inliners is an insured and licensed drain-cleaning and drain-repair company. We’re a trusted authority on non-invasive trenchless techniques, as well as sewer pipe lining in Atlanta, GA. We take pride in offering top-quality and attentive service. Contact us today.

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