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NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is your Fulton County Georgia area specialist in state-of-the-art trenchless sewer repair technology. We have expert technicians equipped with innovative tools to quickly restore your sewer service with a minimum of hassle at an affordable rate.

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Avoid Excavation and Digging

When a sewer pipe failed in the past, the only method for restoring sewer service to the Fulton home or business was an excavation repair. The sewer repair company’s strategy involved using large equipment to dig a deep trench along the length of the damaged pipe so that it could be inspected, and the problem located. Once the evaluation was complete, the pipe would be disconnected, removed, and transported to a landfill for disposal. A new pipe was inserted into the space, then the work crew filled the trench back in to complete the repair. The property owner then arranged to replace features that had to be destroyed in the process, such as landscaping features, walls, driveways, and trees. With so many steps to drive up cost and disruption, it’s not surprising that most property owners found the sewer repair process extremely frustrating.

Affordable Trenchless Sewer Repair

Fortunately, our professional pipe lining company has a better way: Trenchless sewer repair in Fulton County, GA. This affordable, low-hassle process takes advantage of easy-access points that are already built into the plumbing system to introduce innovative and effective tools and repair materials without any large-scale excavation. Instead of digging up and replacing the pipe, we can restore or even replace it right underground with repair processes that fit through cleanout openings or pipe ends.

Our streamlined trenchless repair technology provides a wide assortment of benefits to NGI customers:

Less mess: NGI repair methods don’t create huge piles of soil that block driveways or streets and kill grass and plants, and they eliminate the large puddles of sewer water and waste material that often spills onto the surrounding area during an excavation repair, risking the spread of disease or contamination.

Less noise: A smaller work footprint with less equipment and fewer technicians reduces the noise level of a repair process, preventing disruption to household members, customers, or employees during a sewer repair

Less expensive: With little-to-no large equipment, fewer labor hours, and less collateral damage, our trenchless repairs are much less expensive than a traditional project. NGI customers often see savings as high as 50% or more

Faster: Unlike the days or weeks for the standard repair process, NGI can typically complete a sewer repair in as little as 24 hours, getting your sewer back to full capacity quickly

Long-Lasting: Thanks to modern advancements in epoxy materials, a sewer repair from NGI is rustproof, corrosion-proof, and tree-root resistant. It also withstands weather damage, including extreme heat, so an NGI repair will last for 50 years or more

Environmentally Friendly: Trenchless sewer repairs are much gentler on the local environment. We preserve the homes of birds, small animals, and beneficial insects that live around your home or business by protecting trees and shrubs. Soil erosion following the repair is dramatically reduced, and landfill waste from the project is decreased or eliminated.

Starting the Repair Process

NGI begins the repair process with a thorough inspection of the sewer repair system using our sewer camera inspection system. This modern video technology records detailed footage of the interior of the pipe and feeds it in real-time to an LCD screen via fiber optics. Our skilled technician checks all the pipe structure, connections, and surfaces to locate the source of your current symptoms. Once the problem is identified, we develop a comprehensive repair solution that fully restores your service at the most affordable rate possible.

Cleaning the Pipe with Trenchless Hydro Jetting

After you’ve approved the repair plan, we’ll next clean the pipe with hydro jetting to prepare it for the application of the selected trenchless repair method. A specialized nozzle cleans the inside of the pipe with high-pressure water, removing waste, mineral buildup, roots, and corrosion to create a pristine surface. This helps ensure that our repair lining will fully adhere to the pipe for better, more long-lasting results. It also reveals any hidden signs of deterioration that can be easily addressed as part of the current repair process for a more complete solution.

Restoring or Replacing the Pipe

Once the pipe is prepared, we will begin the process of restoring or replacing the pipe. For small leaks, corrosion, and micro-fissures from heat stress or storm damage, we can strengthen and seal the pipe with pipe coating. This fast, simple repair method involves the application of a very thin layer of epoxy to the inside of the pipe using compressed air. The resin is sprayed into the weakened pipe to coat the interior, then cured with warm air to form a strong bond that fills tiny cracks and reinforces the pipe walls, significantly extending the time until further repair is needed.

Using Advanced Pipe Lining Technology

NGI can also restore more heavily damaged pipes with advanced pipe lining technology. Pipe lining uses a similar repair material to pipe coating, but it is applied in a way that can not only fill tiny cracks but rebuild voids in pipe that have developed when a portion of the pipe breaks or collapses. To reline the pipe, we insert a pliable sleeve with a thick application of epoxy into the pipe, then expand it to form the resin into a new pipe inside of the old one. The new pipe, called a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), rests directly against the interior of the old one, effectively restoring the damaged one to full capacity, even if there are missing areas due to deterioration. This new pipe only reduces the diameter of the pipe by one-quarter inch and its non-resistant surface promotes better sewer flow.

Replace a Damaged Pipe In-ground

If the pipe can’t be restored, NGI can replace it in-ground with pipe bursting, a new method of removal that breaks up the damaged pipe and installs a new one in its place. A specialized pneumatic tool is inserted into the pipe, then we pull it through to shatter the old pipe into fragments that are small enough to safely dissolve into the surrounding soil. As it moves, the tool pulls a new HDPE pipe into space, essentially laying the pipe as it goes. Once in place, the pipe is reconnected, and the laterals are cut in with our remote cutting tool, completing a full pipe replacement without the need for any major excavation.

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NGI proudly offers all these innovative trenchless repair systems because we value our customers and want to bring modern technology to our friends and neighbors in the Fulton County area. We are locally owned and operated, so our technicians live in your community and care about your satisfaction as well as your local environment. We’re also uniquely familiar with the nuances of plumbing needs in the Fulton County area, such as our tough-to-manage clay soil and aging, 100-year-old infrastructure. We understand the sewer repair challenges that homeowners and businesses struggle with and we’re adept at developing solutions that really work.

For advanced solutions that use modern technology to take the hassle and high costs out of your sewer repair, you can count on NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. We can quickly and effectively restore your sewer to full capacity without excess damage to your property or long hours of annoyance for your household or customers. Call us today to learn more or fill out our online form and request your free estimate! We also provide professional drain cleaning in Fulton County, GA. We provide high-quality trenchless sewer repair services in the following locations: