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If your residential or commercial pipes are damaged in any way, the licensed and insured team from NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is prepared to help. We specialize in a broad range of pipe repair solutions and options in Cherokee County, GA, including traditional and trenchless pipe repair. Furthermore, we provide these services in practical, effective, and affordable ways.

The Importance of Pipe Repair

Contacting us for pipe repair in Cherokee County GA,as soon as pipe problems are noticed reduces the risk of damage to your property or landscape. You'll also reduce the potential for related issues with mold and undetected leaks that could have an impact on indoor air quality, health, and the overall safety of your home or business. Lastly, dealing with pipe problems sooner rather than later increases the chances less-disruptive pipe repair options will be an effective and affordable solution.

The Most Common Pipe Issues

Pressurized pipes that carry water to and throughout your home can be affected by exposure to cold temperatures or excess pressure. Any underground pipes, including non-pressurized sewer lines, are susceptible to tree root intrusions. This often happens as pipes age and deteriorate enough for small cracks to develop, which is all thirsty roots need to get into underground lines. Other common pipe issues we address include:

  • Corrosion and other types of damage from daily use and age
  • Weak spots around joints and connections
  • Sagging that's more common in older cast iron pipes
  • Damaged related to pipe shifts that throw off alignment

The Pipe Repair Process

We tailor the pipe repair process to what's right for the situation. With any repair work involving residential or commercial pipes, a camera inspection is typically done first to get a better idea of what's going on inside and what specific pipe location needs the attention.

Epoxy, zinc, or urethane coatings are added if the main source of the damage is corrosion. This is referred to as cathodic protection, which helps slow down or minimize the corrosion process. With structural damage affecting a pipe, there are three options we may use:

  1. CIPP: Cured-in-place piping is done by inserting a resin-filled liner into the existing pipe in a way that restores it from the inside without having to remove or replace it.
  1. Pipe Bursting: We also specialize in pipe bursting, which involves breaking up the old or damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one without digging. The affected pipe is instead pushed down as the new pipe is inserted.
  1. Traditional Repair: There are times when trenchless methods aren't suitable or preferred. When this is the case, we use traditional techniques to remove and replace the damaged pipe or make repairs.

Other options include:

  • Waste Water Pipe Repair
  • Conduit Repair
  • Slip Piping
  • UV Relining
  • UV Internal Pipe Repairs
  • Internal Pipe Repair
  • Quick Lock Internal Pipe Repairs
  • Inversion CIPP
  • Pull In Place CIPP
  • Mainline to lateral Tee Liners
  • Emergency CIPP

Why Choose NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair for Pipe Repair?

Make the process of pipe replacement or repair less stressful and more budget-friendly and productive by working with NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. As our client, you can expect:

  • Long-term solutions that justify your investment
  • Accurate estimates and upfront, fair rates
  • Timely, quality-focused service
  • Warranties on many services we provide

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Restore your pipes and peace of mind at the same time by working with the trusted team from NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. Since we're local, we know how to address the many pipe-related issues common in Cherokee County, GA, and surrounding communities. Don't hesitate to give us a call to find out what's right for your needs if pipe-related issues are suspected.

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