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How Cured-In Place Pipe Lining Works

Cured-in-place pipe lining techniques are used to repair cracked or damaged water supply lines or sewer pipes without the time, expense and difficulty of carrying out a full-scale excavation. These methods have been shown to be highly effective for cast iron pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, as well as for use on other types of piping materials.

This is very popular among clients because they create minimal disruption and require little to no clean-up after the work is completed. CIPP pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, must always be handled by an experienced professional who possesses the necessary tools and skills to perform the work effectively.

The Trenchless Pipe Lining Process

Prior to implementing CIPP lining or any other method of sewer pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, an in-depth camera inspection of the entire pipeline is conducted to identify the location and extent of any damage. Hydro jetting or another cleaning technique may be used to clear away obstructions and prepare the pipe for the introduction of the new lining. The flexible lining material is then fed into the pipe and filled with air so that it conforms completely to the pipeline’s interior surface. After being allowed to cure and harden for a specified length of time, the pipe is ready for service once again.

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Your search for reputable pipe lining companies in Atlanta, GA, should start and end with North Georgia Inliners. Our team provides high-quality work and attentive customer care to residential and commercial clients alike, and we look forward to consulting with you about our professional sewer pipe repair services. 

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