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North Georgia Inliners saves you time and money in residential and commercial plumbing maintenance. From rehabilitating old sewer lines to water pipe maintenance, you will be amazed at how easy we’ll make it for you.There are many solutions we offer, but just to keep it simple, let’s focus on the primary four services we have for you:

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

Save money, time, and headache by replacing or repairing your sewer pipe the trenchless way. Our state of the art trenchless lining technology can relining or build a new pipe inside your old one without digging up your home or yard.

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Pipe Cleaning NGI

Sewer Pipe Cleaning

The best way to keep your sewer pipes in good shape is to make sure they are cleaned regularly. Don't wait until a clog develops or a burst occurs, call North Georgia Inliners to get your pipes clean and your water flowing free.

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Pipe Coating NGI

Sewer Pipe Coating

Secure your sewer pipes without replacing them by lining them with a patented epoxy coating. This stabilizes your pipe, prevents the leeching of dangerous chemical and minerals like lead into your water supply, and is far more cost effective than a full replacement.

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