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The cost of replacing your drainage and sewer pipes using traditional digging methods and laying new pipes does not have to go over your budget. NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair offers a more efficient and cost-effective repair method called trenchless pipe lining in Roswell, GA. Get the solid repair you need at a fraction of replacement costs.

What is Pipelining?

Our use of CIPP pipe lining allows us to coat the interior of your drain pipes with a specialized material that hardens, creating a new surface that is free of leaks and clogs. It's a long-lasting and durable way to return your pipes to good working conditions, with little impact on your property. Professional pipe lining is perfect for:

  • Aging pipes
  • Sewer lines needing frequent cleaning
  • Collapsed pipes.
  • Damaged drain lines

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipelining Repair

The benefits of trenchless pipe lining are seen in a lowered cost for repairs and less damage to your property. Traditional trenching methods create apparent damage to your yard that takes time to repair. Trenchless methods can access your pipes quickly and by digging smaller holes in one or two locations. Being able to repair your existing pipes drastically reduces the price of new pipes. Trenchless pipelining repairs add years of use from your current sewer and drain lines. It's the perfect solution for property owners looking to keep the plumbing in great condition, no matter the age and type of material.

How We Save You Money

The experts at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair provide accurate assessment and repair of all types of residential and commercial drainage pipes. We do everything possible to save the system you have, which saves you thousands of dollars in replacement. Our sewer pipe lining can accommodate everything from contemporary pipe materials coverage to cast iron pipe lining. Everything is done using digging methods that maintain the integrity of your property. You won't have to spend a fortune replacing sod or be left with a messy yard.

Expert Residential and Commercial Pipe Cleaning

Grease and organic debris are the main culprits responsible for slow draining or complete clogs in your sewer line. One of the best ways to avoid this potential hazardous mess and inconvenience is to have your drain system professionally cleaned periodically by one of the leading pipe lining companies. A few signs your pipes need to be cleaned are:

  • Increasingly slow movement of water down the drains.
  • Frequent plunging of the toilet.
  • Complete clog in one or more areas of the home or business.
  • Sewage back-up.
  • Gurgling noises in the pipes.

NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair also provide the following services:

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Contact NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair at the first hint of drain problems or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We are one of the only local pipe lining companies that use all methods available to try and save you money by cleaning and repairing your existing drain system. We'll help you keep the drains in your home or business problem-free and in top shape. Our pipe lining company provides high-quality and professional trenchless pipe lining services in the following areas: