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How Cured-In Place Pipe Lining Works

Cured-in-place pipe lining techniques are used to repair cracked or damaged water supply lines or sewer pipes without the time, expense and difficulty of carrying out a full-scale excavation …

When to Replace Your Sewer Line

It is important to know when to replace sewer line in Atlanta, GA. If you aren't sure how, there are a few sure-fire ways to tell. If you neglect to keep watch over your sewer …

What Causes Clogged Drains?

A clogged drain in Atlanta, GA, can be frustrating, especially when you aren't sure of the cause. Thankfully, it can be fairly easy to detect root causes for clogs …

3 Ways to Repair Old Pipes

As pipes age, they decay, corrode, leak, and break altogether. Old pipes that are not properly maintained lead to expensive water damage in your home. Keep your plumbing in tip-top shape by repairing leaks, preventing clogs, and …

Four Ways To Maintain Your Pipes For The New Year

The coming of the new year signifies new journeys, and new beginnings. Why not start it right by making sure your pipes are running smoothly and in optimal condition? Maintaining good plumbing will mean lower water bills and a …

How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

The harsh winters in northern Georgia can be challenging when one is considering how to keep their plumbing safe. Plumbing undergoes a lot of stress during the winter months; not only do we have to deal with the freezing …

How Long Does Epoxy Pipe Lining Last?

Here at North Georgia Inliners, we work hard to meet the needs of our customers. Pipeline repairs are often performed with epoxy pipe lining technology and equipment that not only streamlines the repair process, but it greatly …

When We Recommend Epoxy Pipe Lining For Fixing Pipes

At North Georgia Inliners, we are proud to offer services that fit our customer’s plumbing needs. For the most common pipe conditions, such as cracking, breaking, root intrusion and others, repairing via pipe lining is the …

Eliminate Leaks & Avoid Demolition With Roof Drain Lining

The roof drain pipe repairs in previous years were one-and-done affairs, meaning that they had to be replaced once they deteriorated beyond repair. The only problem is that it took a significant amount of time and cost homeowners …

Finding New Ways to Keep You Informed!

Here at North Georgia Inliners, we’re constantly searching for new and better ways to serve our customers. In addition to keeping your sewers and pipes in top condition, we realize that keeping you informed is important, too. …

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