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Ensure high-quality drain cleaning in Cherokee County, GA, at all times by relying on NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. Our team provides a wide range of solutions and has the best reputation in the community for quality service. Let's look at what role your drains play and what problems they face in the everyday use you put them through.

The Role of Drains

Drains remove waste liquids and dirty water from your home. The water can run into a sewer or a receptacle for processing. For your drains to do their intended job, they need to remain clear from obstructions that can cause water to back up and potentially cause further damage to your plumbing.

Why They Get Clogged

Most of the time, property owners take their drains for granted. They'll pour something down the drain and expect that things will continue to work seamlessly. Given the active lifestyle of most, it's natural to not give your everyday habits a lot of thought.

Bathroom drains tend to face clog issues when loose hair, dirt and skin flakes create blockages. Soap scum becomes a sort of binding agent that causes these materials to stick to the drainpipe walls. Flushing items down the toilet that tend not to dissolve easily will also increase the chances of clogs.

Being on the lookout for telltale signs of a clogged drain can result in an easier fix than if the issue worsens. Water backing up in your shower, sink, or bathtub is one of the most obvious signs. If the water takes longer than usual to go down the drain, chances are that a blockage is forming. You also want to look for a bubbling toilet or bad odors coming from your drains.

Our Drain Cleaning Solutions

For small clogs, we may opt for drain snaking. This is when a special tool called a snake is inserted into the drain. The snake pushed blockages so that they break down and are carried into the sewer system, freeing up your plumbing.

For tougher blockages, we use hydro jetting. In the hands of a trained professional, this method safely uses water pressure to break up clogs while removing the build-up of grease and minerals.

Serving Cherokee County

NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is a drain cleaning company servicing residential and commercial clients. The greater Atlanta–Sandy Springs–Roswell, Georgia metropolitan area has many plumbing systems that require expert technicians. Buildings can have older plumbing systems that require proper care and our technicians are certified and trained to solve all plumbing problems.

What makes NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair different is our commitment to excellence. We carefully assess every issue so we can apply the appropriate drain cleaning services to your problem. Our work is of the highest quality and the testimonials of our previous clients serve as proof.

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If you suspect your apartment drains are clogged, contact us today by calling our team. You may also schedule an appointment by filling out the online form. We look forward to addressing your drain issues here at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair!