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Storm drains are an essential part of every home and business building. They are necessary for drainage and are helpful in disrupting the flow of floodwater from rain and other sources. Consequently, if a storm drain becomes clogged or damaged, it’s important to have it inspected immediately. If you have any concerns, call our trusted pipe lining company for your storm drain inspection or repair.

Storms cannot be stopped, but you can help your drains handle the downpour. Let us take care of your storm drains. We cater to several locations throughout Georgia, including these areas:

Our Storm Drain Services

Storm drains are critical for diverting rainwater so it doesn’t become floodwater. Additionally, they are mandatory for any home or business owner due to local property management codes. Since the law is a matter of health and safety, it is necessary for you to have your storm drains in proper working order so you aren’t required to replace or install entirely new ones in order to stay up to code.

Inspecting storm drains is a quick and simple process. Here at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we can conduct our inspections with a camera. A camera is fed into your storm drain pipes and a live feed reports back to us by demonstrating the entire interior of your plumbing system. We can identify issues such as fractures, leaks, clogs, blockages, compounded layers of sediment, and other complications that can impede the functionality of your storm drains and the pipes they rely upon to dispose of rainwater and other waste. If storm drains are damaged, they can very easily cause other parts of your home or business to require repair. It can be difficult to assess the total damage done without a camera inspection. Moreover, a camera inspection will allow us to properly diagnose the symptoms for a proper solution.

After the inspection is completed, we can begin a repair if necessary. We also offer lining services to protect your storm drains and reduce clogs and exposure to corrosion. Materials generally like to compound on rougher services or in areas where corrosion is most prominent. Because we use an epoxy resin, this surface becomes smooth and impenetrable, causing little to no buildups to occur. Additionally, this resin can last up to fifty years.

Storm drain lining is also incredibly helpful because it can help you know that your storm drains are in good shape for years to come. Storm drain lining can help decrease the risk of leaks, fractures, cracks, tree invasions, and other exterior/interior breaks. Simply put, storm drain lining can dramatically extend the life of your draining system.

Storm drain lining and storm drain inspections are both helpful tools when considering ways to guard your home and business against any infrastructure damage that may be caused by not taking the proper precautionary measures. In an older building, it is highly recommended that you get all aspects of your plumbing inspected and possibly repaired. Storm drains are a critical part of this system that must be maintained as well.

Want to keep your storm drains in optimal condition? NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is the name to trust! Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain or repair your storm drains or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.