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Many of the sewer and drain pipes in the Peach State have been in place for many years, which increases the risk of damage from age, wear, and tree roots. When your pipes need repairs or even full replacement, regardless of how old they may be, NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is your trusted local source for pipe repair in Alpharetta, GA.

Reasons Pipe Repair Matters

Prompt repair is important because of what can happen if pipe problems aren't taken care of right away at the first sign. Not repairing pipes sooner rather than later, for instance, can lead to costly property damage and mold problems. Having our pipe lining company repair your pipes also improves how your drains work, which reduces the potential for serious and unexpected drain issues that require:

  • Waste Water Pipe Repair
  • Conduit Repair
  • Slip Piping
  • UV Relining
  • UV Internal Pipe Repairs
  • Internal Pipe Repair
  • Quick Lock Internal Pipe Repairs
  • Inversion CIPP
  • Pull In Place CIPP
  • Mainline to lateral Tee Liners
  • Emergency CIPP

The Common Pipe Issues

Age is a common source of pipe problems. Those that have been in use for many years are more susceptible to cracks and fractures. Older pipes that are cracked are, in turn, more likely to have issues with leaks and tree root intrusions. Other common pipe issues that should be reason enough to give your trenchless contractor a call include:

  • Pipe dipping or sagging
  • Weak or loose pipe joints
  • Damage from movements within the ground
  • Structural problems stemming from seasonal temperature changes
  • Corrosion caused by regular exposure to air and water

A Breakdown

Our approach to pipe repair depends on what's best for you, the condition of the affected pipe, and your budget. If trenchless solutions are possible, there are two options we may recommend: Cured-in-place pipe lining or CIPP is a trenchless pipe repair method that restores the pipe from the inside so it can last longer. This is done with a resin-filled liner.

On the other hand, if a pipe needs a complete replacement, we can do it by breaking up the old pipe. Through pipe bursting, a new pipe is put into the same space without bringing it to the surface.

If there are issues with the available workspace or other factors involved, we may recommend traditional repair. If this is the case, we dig up the damaged pipe. With pipes affected by corrosion, we apply chemicals that remove the rust and prevent future issues with corrosion. Pipes may also be neutralized with cathodic protection, which protects pipes with electrical currents.

Why Choose Us for Pipe Repair?

Restoring pipes in the least disruptive way possible is our top goal at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. Our licensed and insured pipe replacement and repair specialists provide A+ service as well as:

  • Honest, budget-friendly prices
  • Timely, top-quality services and results
  • Warranties services
  • Our commitment to 100% satisfaction

We provide quality pipe repair services in the following areas:

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