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The need for a sewer line repair in Atlanta, GA can create grave concern in a homeowner’s mind and is often associated with massive digging and trenching, heavy machinery, teams of workers needed to perform the labor, and the demolition of their landscaping and driveways. In addition, there are a lot of outdated solutions that can make people think why sewer line replacement is so expensive. At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we practice new, vastly less-invasive methods of repairs for sewer lines for the convenience and affordability of our customers in Atlanta.

Starting the Sewer Line Repair Process

Our trenchless repairs begin with a sewer line inspection. A waterproof, robotic camera attached to an optic cable is inserted into the pipeline. The camera is designed to capture the full 360-degree circumference of the pipeline, ensuring that the pipeline is completely accounted for during our inspection. Once the video is complete, our technicians will discuss the results with you and recommend the most cost-effective and efficient solution to meet your needs. The repair may be as simple as removing a blockage or clearing the corrosion and scale that has collected on the inside of the pipe, or pipe lining to remove cracks and leaks. Our team will have all of the equipment required to perform the necessary repairs and ensure that the problems are eliminated.

Prepairing the Sewer Line for Repairs

If sewer line repairs are required, we employ a high-pressure water hose and a specialized jetting head fixture to forcefully scour clean the inside of the sewer line. The heat of the water and pressure allows debris to be easily removed and provides a proper, smooth surface for the smooth adhesion of our sewer lining. Trenchless pipe repair involves placing an epoxy resin coated liner inside the broken pipe, confirmed with a sewer line camera. Once the placement is determined to be correct, the liner is inflated. The inflation process presses the resin coating against the interior wall of the broken pipe, allowing the resin to cover all of the problematic cracks and leaks. The resin is given several hours to fully cure and harden in place, and once this process is complete, the result is a durable liner that is smooth and root resistant.

Pipe Bursting for Collapsed Sewer Lines

If the pipe has collapsed, another trenchless replacement method is readily available. This process is conducted with a pipe breaking head, called a mole, that is inserted into the pipe. Attached to the end of the bursting head is the new pipeline, and as the old pipe is burst apart and fragmented by the mole, the new pipe is pulled into its place from behind, allowing for a simultaneous installation that is minimally invasive. Upon completion, the old pipeline’s fragments have been safely pushed into the surrounding soil, allowing the new pipe to safely reside in the place of the old pipe.

NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is proud to serve the Atlanta community with our advanced technology and contemporary solutions to any customer’s pipeline problems. Allow our experienced and trusted team to perform any sewer line repairs required.

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