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When your sewer pipe begins working inefficiently, call locally owned and operated NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair for our fast, effective sewer pipe lining services. Our skilled, professional technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology to reseal your pipes quickly, and at an affordable price.

NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is the most trusted pipe lining company in Atlanta, GA, offering outstanding sewer pipe lining services to several locations throughout Georgia, including these areas:

Restore Your Pipes Without Digging or Excavation

Outdated methods of sewer repair require extensive digging, which takes days and damages your trees, landscaping, hardscaping, driveways, and sidewalks. Labor and equipment costs can further increase the cost of repairs, and this doesn’t include the additional expenses of the customers needing to restore their property after the repairs are finished. Our modern, trenchless pipe lining technique uses advanced technology that enables us to restore the pipe underground. We require little to no excavation, reducing the costs and time spent on the project significantly.

Environmentally Friendly Sewer Lining Solution

Cast Iron Pipe Lining

In addition to saving your wallet, our no-dig sewer pipe lining methods provide other benefits. They are environmentally responsible, drastically reducing the impact on plant and animal life and preventing runoff and erosion of exposed soil around your home or business. Because the pipe is repaired rather than removed, you’ll have no concerns about harmful sewage spills that contaminate the groundwater or surrounding soil. Our system also eliminates the risk of accidentally cutting buried utility lines during excavation, which could create dangerous gas leaks, keeping the process completely safe for home and business owners.

Repair Damaged Sewer Lines From the Inside

Sewer pipe lining can be completed below ground or in hidden wall spaces by taking advantage of existing openings built into the sewer pipes called cleanout ports. These small openings are designed into the system to provide access for our technicians to remove obstructions. Our specialized tools and materials fit through these openings, allowing us to repair a damaged sewer line from the inside out without ever having to break apart a joint or dig up a section of pipe.

Contact us right away for:

  • Waste Water Pipe Repair
  • Conduit Repair
  • Slip Piping
  • UV Relining
  • UV Internal Pipe Repairs
  • Internal Pipe Repair
  • Quick Lock Internal Pipe Repairs
  • Inversion CIPP
  • Pull In Place CIPP
  • Mainline to lateral Tee Liners
  • Emergency CIPP

We Offer Sewer Video Camera Investigation

To reline your pipe, we begin by thoroughly inspecting the pipe with our video camera system to determine the extent of the damage. We then use our sewer pipe cleaning equipment to scour away waste, mineral buildup, invading tree roots, and other foreign materials from the pipe walls. This ensures optimum adhesion of the new lining to the pipe interior. Once the pipe is prepared, we then insert a flexible tube coated with epoxy resin through the clean-out and extend it through the pipe over all of the damaged areas. When it’s in place, the tube is inflated to shape the epoxy into a new pipe.

Cast Iron Pipe Rehabilitation

Over the next 24 hours, this epoxy hardens into a state-of-the-art, cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, that not only restores the pipe to optimal condition but even improves on it with an ultra-smooth surface that promotes waste flow. The CIPP liner is resistant to tree roots, corrosion, and rust, allowing it to last for 50 years or more, so once we’ve relined your sewer pipe, you won’t need to think about it again for a very long time. Best of all, sewer pipe lining costs about half of what you’d pay for dig-and-replace services and can be completed in as little as one day for an affordable, hassle-free sewer repair solution. When it comes to trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas, we’re the company you can trust for high-quality CIPP pipe lining, sewer pipe lining, and more.

Signs You Need Trenchless Pipe Lining

Pipes can be affected by everything from general wear to shifts in the soil. Regardless of what's going on with your pipes, it's important to contact one of the leading pipe lining companies if you spot any of the following signs you may benefit from trenchless pipe lining:

  • Hearing water running when it shouldn't be
  • Drain backups or clogs, especially if multiple drains are affected
  • Gurgling noises in your toilet
  • Seeing unusually soggy or lush spots on your lawn
  • Unexplained water/sewer bill increases

Trenchless Pipe Lining FAQs

Pipe lining tends to work well on pipes affected by tree root damage, corrosion and wear in certain spots, and cracks or fractures from soil movement.

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At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we are your number one sewer pipe lining service provider, bringing you the most effective, innovative technology, skilled, friendly technicians, and affordable rates. When your sewer line starts leaking and you need help fast, we have the right solution for you. Call us or fill out the form today to learn more!

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