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Pipes are the backbone of our homes. They transport numerous fluids, from what we drink to what we flush down our toilets.

Unfortunately, our pipes can’t be perfect. Corrosion is the progressive damage of materials by chemicals reacting with their natural environment. Failing and leaking pipes are a sign of corrosion. Pipe corrosion is a virtually unstoppable process. It naturally occurs due to wear and tear of pipes as they age. The good news is that NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is your local expert for diagnosing, repairing, and preventing corroded pipes in northern Georgia homes.

We specialize in providing efficient and comprehensive solutions to your plumbing needs. We are proud to offer our services to the following areas:

Reasons for Corroded Pipes

There are several reasons why your pipes may become damaged due to corrosion.

Pipe Thread Leak: The first sign of corrosion is leaking that stems from weak areas along the pipe thread. This can lead to severe water damage in your home if not repaired quickly.

Weather Damage: Weather is the easiest form of corrosion to prevent. Lack of regular pipe cleaning and maintenance produces corrosion by weather damage. Corrosion from mud, snow, sleet, and ice takes time to form and can cause pipe failure. As time passes, the pipe’s wall thickness reduces. This makes it more prone to leaking.

Galvanic Corrosion: When different types of metals come into contact with one another, corrosion occurs. This is most common when carbon steel pipes are threaded to brass valves.

Corroded Pipe Repair Services

Take measures to repair and prevent your pipes from corroding and causing widespread water damage throughout your home.

Cleaning your pipes on a regular basis is the best way to stop corrosion. Our certified technicians cleanse pipes with powerful chemical solutions. We’ll also clear the area surrounding your pipes. This requires cutting down vegetation and removing any tree roots that may block your piping system. An open pipe path is a recipe for healthy plumbing.

In some cases, we’ll use cathodic protection to preserve pipes from corrosion. It utilizes electrical currents to neutralize pipes. Cathodic protection blocks existing corrosion from becoming worse and prevents new corrosion from forming. This technique is ideal for underground pipes or plumbing systems that run through water.

Coatings are applied to pipes to prevent damage. This is the simplest form of corrosion protection. Epoxy, zinc, and urethane are applied to the internal pipeline for extra security. The coating must be properly applied and cured to effectively stop corrosion. Coatings are frequently combined with cathodic protection to dissolve any buildup and prevent future damage.

Corrosion inhibitors are the most cost-effective solutions for pipe corrosion. They create a thin layer of protection along the inside of a pipeline. Corrosion inhibitors are an affordable way to prevent expensive damage to your pipes in the future.

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  • Waste Water Pipe Repair
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  • Inversion CIPP
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Well-kept pipes are essential in a home. Corrosion leads to failing pipes and water leaks that cause extensive damage to homes and commercial establishments. Our pipe repair company in Atlanta provides effective pipe repair for corroded plumbing systems. We supply quick, affordable, and effective piping treatments that repair damaged plumbing systems and prevent pipe corrosion. We’re happy to help homeowners keep their pipes in tip-top shape, so contact us today to get started with your maintenance or repairs.