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NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is the leading trenchless contractor providing roof drain lining solutions throughout northern Georgia. Our state-of-the-art technology quickly eliminates leaks without the need for costly, disruptive demolition. We can drastically reduce the impact of roof drain repairs in commercial, industrial, and multi-family housing applications.

In traditional repair methods, a leaking roof drain required the removal of multiple walls, floors, and even sections of the foundation. The noise, dust, and leaking water infiltrated the surrounding area, heavily disrupting resident comfort, employee productivity, and client satisfaction. Even after the project was complete, the resulting negative feedback could affect business performance for quite some time.

Need hassle-free roof drain lining in Atlanta, GA, or nearby communities? We cater to several locations throughout Georgia, including these areas:

Repair Roof Drains Without the Need for Demolition

Our advanced technology allows our drain cleaning company in Atlanta, GA to repair roof drains without the need for demolition, dramatically reducing the impact and cutting project costs by thousands of dollars. We’re able to introduce our specialized tools and repair materials through existing access points built into the drains at the roof and at specified points along the length. Roof drain lining methods and materials meet all state building codes and requirements and are the preferred roof drain repair solution in high-rise infrastructures.

Inspecting and Cleaning the Pipe

To begin, we first thoroughly inspect the pipe with our video inspection system. We clean the interior of the affected drains with high-pressure water to create a smooth surface and ensure maximum adhesion of the repair material for roof drain restoration.

Installing Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Liner

Next, we introduce a uniquely-designed sleeve infused with resin and position it in the damaged pipe. The sleeve is inflated like a balloon, which presses the resin uniformly to the walls of the drain to form a perfect liner, then it remains in place for approximately 24 hours to allow the epoxy to harden into a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) that effectively seals the roof drain against leaks. This thin liner has a smooth surface that promotes water flow to improve roof drain function. It’s also rust and corrosion resistant, so it lasts for decades, ensuring you not only enjoy the cost savings now but for years to come. Because the process uses existing entry points, it typically takes less than a day and is completed in hidden maintenance-access areas, so your employees, customers, and competitors won’t even know a repair was needed.

Professional, Commercial, and Health Care Roof Drain Lining

Our roof drain lining services are an effective way for professional, commercial, and health care service providers to ensure that annoying roof drain leaks don’t interfere with daily operations. Your workforce, and most importantly, your customers, don’t have to deal with jarring noise from demolition and jackhammering. You won’t need to relocate offices or production areas, so you can ensure maximum productivity and positive client relations during a major roof drain repair or even CIPP pipe lining.

Maintaining Relations with Residential Customers

Roof drain lining is also important for roof drain maintenance as well as maintaining positive resident relations in multi-story apartment communities. You avoid annoying residents whose homes must be invaded by workers to access vertical pipes. Noise and dirt that would permeate the building are eliminated and leaks into apartments are corrected in as little as a day, avoiding problems with mold or mildew and ensuring happy residents.

FAQs on Roof Drain Lining

Because roof drains aren't as likely to fully collapse as sewer drains, it's often possible to use the CIPP or cured-in-place piping process for a damaged roof drain.

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