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At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, sewer camera inspection services are an important component of trenchless sewer repair methods. With these inspections, we can accurately identify the pipeline problem without any digging to access the sewer pipeline.

How We Perform Video Camera Inspections In Pipelines

Hydro jetting is a trenchless method that uses highly pressurized water and a rotating nozzle to scour clean the inside of a pipeline. This allows us to remove debris that could block access to the problem, guaranteeing that we will accurately diagnose the problem.

The pipe camera inspection process utilizes a waterproof, robotic camera to enter the pipeline, from established access points placed during the building’s original build, and to travel the entire interior of the pipeline. A building’s sewer pipeline navigates from the interior of the structure to the connection with the street-side municipal waste conduit.

The sewer camera is then inserted to help our team diagnose the problem. Since the sewer camera is attached to an optic cable, our technician on the surface can follow via video feed everything the camera sees. We document the exact location of the problem while sharing these findings with our customers in order to discuss the best approach to fixing it. Sewer camera inspection in Sandy Springs, GA, is invaluable to the trenchless pipeline repair methods. The camera is used to diagnose issues and confirm that repairs have been completed successfully.

Oftentimes a crack is identified as the cause of the issue. If the crack is relatively small in nature, a pipe lining can be performed. A liner coated with an epoxy resin is inserted into the pipeline at the location of the crack. The liner is inflated for a few hours while the resin hardens and adheres to the pipeline wall. Once the liner is removed, a durable new interior pipeline wall remains. The sewer camera can be deployed for sewer video inspection to once again confirm that the repair is complete.

What Makes Sewer Camera Inspections Convenient & Affordable

Prior to these innovative techniques, a sewer pipeline repair started by destroying landscaping, and possible hardscaping, just to find the location of the issue and to attempt to diagnose what was occurring inside the pipeline by viewing the length of the pipeline from the outside.

When a portion of the pipeline required a fix, the original line portion was cut and removed from the pipeline and a new piece was lowered into the created ditch and then attached. After the pipeline was repaired the ditch had to be refilled. The process was still not finished, as landscapers had to be hired to restore the property, making the entire repair process costly and time-consuming for customers.

By contrast, trenchless pipe diagnoses do not require viewing the pipeline from the outside. In addition, pipeline repairs and replacements can be performed from inside the original pipeline where it lies, neatly underground. The changes in sewer pipeline repair created by the no-dig methods are drastic. Time for discovering the problem and performing the repair can be measured in simple hours instead of days or even weeks. The noise and costs are greatly reduced by a drain inspection because large machinery, corresponding work crews, and landscape repairs are not required.

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