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At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, one of the many ways we help our clients is with cost-effective solutions that fully address problems in the most efficient ways possible. This is something you'll appreciate if you have sewage manholes with structural flaws or other issues requiring expert attention. Our process of manhole rehabilitation in Fulton County, GA, is designed to streamline repairs and optimize savings.

What is Manhole Rehabilitation?

Having safe, convenient access to lateral lines connecting to homes and businesses and sewer mains is important for routine maintenance and repair work. The purpose of our manhole rehabilitation services is to make it safer to enter and use these entry points. We provide assistance with sewer system manhole service needs involving inspections, repairs and upgrades, cover replacements, epoxy manhome coating, and issues with entrances and pathways.

Issues Manhole Rehabilitation Can Address

Sewer manholes are exposed to an assortment of hazards and environmental conditions due to the nature of where these structures are located. Over time, various chemicals and minerals in rainwater runoff and automotive fluids contribute to corrosion. Groundwater filtration can further exacerbate this problem. In addition to damage from corrosion, our professional trenchless contractor addresses many other issues with manhole rehabilitation, including damage from:

  • Missing, broken, or loose components of the manhole system
  • Cracks, offsets, and similar structural flaws
  • Shifting soil and/or high water tables
  • Nearby construction activities or heavy vehicles
  • Deterioration from age and wear

Common Causes of these Issues

Natural use and wear is a contributing factor for maholes overflowing and many of these issues. Freeze and thaw cycles can also take a toll on sewer manhole systems. This is also true with damage related to ground or soil shifts. Soil subsidence is yet another contributing factor related to many of the issues we mentioned above. Groundwater infiltration is often what's behind damage from loose joints, crumbling mortar, and corroded rings.

Advantages of Manhole Rehabilitation

The coatings and linings we use for manhole rehabilitation are an effective way to deal with damage from water infiltration and many structural issues. Our cleaning services and coatings also minimize future damage from exposure to biological waste and microbes. With rehabilitation, we use trenchless techniques whenever it's possible to do so with manhole repairs. These dig-free repair and rehabilitation options come with advantages that include:

  • Work completed without significant surface disruptions
  • Fast-curing resin materials that further minimize downtime
  • Saving money by avoiding full replacement
  • Extending the lifespan of sewer manholes
  • Minimizing the risk of costly and disruptive sewage backups
  • The ability to expand wastewater system capacity if there's a need to do so

We also offer the following top-notch services:

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