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Tree roots are one of the most common causes of sewer and drain problems. Tree roots naturally tend to grow into the pipes, causing serious damage and inconveniences over time. At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we are able to easily monitor tree root invasion and remove them with ease to ensure that your system will not have to deal with the costly results of pipelines invaded by tree roots in your area. Tree root invasions are caused because when trees identify water coming from your pipes which tells them to grow towards and into your pipes for nutrients which makes it especially important to understand the causes of tree root invasions and how they can be fixed.

There are two major issues with tree root invasions our team comes across when tree roots have invaded your pipelines:


With tree roots growing into the pipes, the longer they get, the more they fill the space of the pipes. While water can still pass through, particles and debris that are in the water are less likely to make its way around the roots. Eventually, this will lead to blockages. And, more times than not, this will be a recurring issues because the roots are not removed. Paper products, hair, waste, and food particles are all culprits of blockages and when they become stuck in the roots, it causes a massive blockages of multiple things piling up due to the lack of ability to pass through, leaving a greater mess to deal with. Over time, the blockage will worse, water will drain slower and eventually not drain at all. This will require professional removal services on an emergency basis instead of a routine maintenance visit that is less stressful and planned than dealing with a pipe collapse.

Breaks and Cracks

When tree roots grow into the pipes, they can cause more the blockages, which can easily be removed. As they grow, it can lead to breakages of the pipes. What will start as a crack will worsen and grow to a piece of a pipe fully breaking off by snapping due to the root growth. Roots can also wrap around water infiltration pipes and as the roots grow, they tighten which will snap the pipes from the outside. These types of breakages will leave sewage seeping into the ground around the pipes and causing dangerous situations as sewage is toxic and can be harmful upon contact.

Ways to Prevent Tree Root Invasion

At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we are able to prevent the bad effects of tree root invasion, which can be done by routine, preventative maintenance. A sewer camera inspection is one way to clearly see the inside of your pipes. Our team will insert a high-definition camera into your pipes and as it moves through your system, it is able to pick up on issues such as cracks and also can see things that are in the pipes that don’t belong, such as blockages or tree roots. This service can allow professionals to see issues before they are even noticeable by the resident or business owner. This can save money as a small fix can be resolved before it expands to something larger and more costly to tend to. But inspections can also be used for issues that are currently happening. So if you already have a clog that needs to be removed or evaluated, this is the process that we would take to diagnose it.


Identify Problems Before They Become Bigger with Annual Drain Inspections

If tree roots are in the pipes or if the pipes are dirty and need to be cleaned, our drain cleaning and pipelining company in Atlanta, GA, can also use hydro jetting which allows us to clear our pipes using clean water to wash away anything in the pipes that don’t belong. The high-pressure of the water is strong enough to cut through tree roots, blockages, and grime, leaving the pipes clear for wastewater to pass through freely.

Trust your tree root removal experts at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we’ll be sure that tree roots aren’t ruining your pipes, and we will continue to provide services to keep them out for good.