What Makes Pipe Lining a Long-Term Solution?

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At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we center our solutions to the long-term needs of our clients. We use cost-effective and minimally invasive pipe and sewer line restoration methods such as pipelining. Over the years, we have offered trenchless pipe lining in Roswell, GA, and have managed to salvage multiple pipe structural issues by sealing cracks and leaks and boosting sewer and pipeline flow. The following are reasons pipelining is considered a long-term solution to most pipe and sewer line problems.

Reinforces Existing Pipe and Sewer Lines

Our CIPP pipe lining services involve the insertion of a high-grade and flexible tube or liner to your piping. We then coat the piping system with a durable epoxy resin material to strengthen overall pipe resilience. We use high-end pipe lining restoration and repair technologies to strengthen your pipe and sewer systems, leaving them strong enough to withstand harsh elements.

Restores Original Pipe Function

Another reason our pipe and sewer pipe lining services count as long-term solutions to most pipe system problems is because we restore the damaged and clogged pipes to their optimal functionality. Pipe lining can address sewer backups, clogging, and leakage issues, restoring pipes to their full working capacity. That way, we curtail the long-term effects of pipe clogging, leakages, and toilet backups, which include deterioration and weakening. 

We use Long-Lasting Coating Materials

As one of the most trusted pipe lining company in Atlanta, GA, we use not only advanced technologies but also durable materials. The epoxy resin we apply to your piping system has an estimated useful life of up to 50 years. With normal regular inspection and maintenance, pipes restored through pipelining can serve you for several decades.

If your pipes develop clogging or leakage issues, talk with our highly qualified and skilled technicians at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair to get quick and long-term solutions. We offer a full range of cast iron pipe lining and professional sewer solutions. Contact us today for an appointment.