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Signs of Cast Iron Pipe Failure

The use of cast iron pipes was prevalent in the building of houses before 1975. As such, cast iron pipes are close to the end of their durability and productivity lifespan of 25 to 50 years. While traditional replacement is the only solution for cast iron pipes, professionals like North Georgia Inliners offer trenchless pipe lining in Roswell, GA as an excellent alternative.

If you live in an older home or are planning to move into one and are unsure of the general condition of the pipes, we discuss some signs to watch out for below: 

Visual Trigger Warning Signs

Frequent inspection of your house is a great way to detect problems in your pipes. Some signs of a failing pipe include warped wooden flooring and water stains on flooring and walls. Defective cast iron pipes can also make your flooring tiles loosen up or seem unevenly put. If your tiles show cracking or appear discolored and raised, call for professionals to inspect and provide CIPP pipe lining to restore any damages in your pipes. 

Another visual warning sign of pipe failures is the infestation of pests such as roaches and rodents. Water leaks and raw sewage around drains create a habitat source for animals such as roaches, rats, and worms.

Frequent Repairs

An increase in the number of repairs you make on your cast iron pipes signifies a decrease in their durability. Rather than waste money on repeat repairs for the same problems, cast iron pipe lining is more cost-effective and offers a longer-lasting solution to your sewer problems. 

Unpleasant Smells and Weird Noises 

Noisy cast iron pipes are often associated with blockages in the system. When left unresolved, a clogged pipe can cause a sewage-like odor around your house. In such cases, contact a professional for expert drain cleaning and sewer pipe lining services.

Remember failing cast iron pipes can cause water damage and loss, decrease your home's value, and pollute the environment. Contact North Georgia Inliners, one of the leading pipe lining companies in the area, for professional pipe lining solutions today.

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