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The Do' and Don'ts of Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are an essential component of the sewage system that needs regular cleaning and checking. Keeping them in great condition is important to avoid serious problems like leaks and sewer backups that require costly and extensive repairs. North Georgia Inliners, expert provider of sewer repair services in Atlanta, GA, discusses some important do’s and don’ts you need to observe to help maintain your sewer lines.

Do Trust Professionals Plumbers - If you experience a problem with your sewer lines, ensure that you contact experts to inspect your system and perform sewer pipe line repair. Resorting to DIY methods can end up damaging your lines further and costing you more money. 

Do Use Strainers in the Drains - Strainers trap debris and foreign objects from entering your pipes, preventing clogs from forming. Doing so will also help enhance your pipes’ longevity, and save you the cost of sewer line repair.

Do Use Optimum Water Pressure Levels - Always regulate water pressure levels passing through the pipes to avoid strain. There will be no need to prematurely replace sewer line if there is proper water pressure since there will be easy flow.

Don't Drain Oil and Grease into Pipes - Cleaning the internal parts of a sewer line may be challenging. Draining oils into the pipes may leave marks and eventually cause decay. Meanwhile, grease hardens as it cools, causing significant clogs inside the lines. Over time, a clogged pipe can lead to more serious plumbing issues that require sewer line replacement

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners - Chemical cleaners have harsh components that can corrode your pipes. If you have a badly clogged drain, skip the chemical drain cleaners and contact a professional for expert drain cleaning instead. 

If you are a resident of Atlanta and need professional help with your sewer system, contact North Georgie Inliners today.

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