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3 Signs of Pipe Corrosion

With your sewer line system located underneath your home’s foundation, it’s easy to overlook its condition. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, some issues can cause severe damage to your home and expose you to several health hazards. Pipe corrosion is one of the major problems that every homeowner should be vigilant about. Here are some top signs that you have corroded pipes, and need to schedule an appointment with North Georgia Inliners for quality trenchless pipe lining in Roswell, GA.

Water Discoloration

Anything other than colorless water is a clear indication that your pipes are corroded. You could notice brown, blue-green, or red tint and sometimes sediments in the water. You might want to contact your local pipe lining companies to inspect the extent of pipe corrosion and find a suitable and long-lasting solution for you.

Strange Taste

Your tap water will change its taste if your pipes are corroded. You will notice a metallic taste in copper concentrated water. Water with high levels of lead will emit an oddly sweet taste. If you notice a bitter taste in cold first-draw water in the morning that fades away later in the day, it could be as a result of pipe corrosion. Consider calling a professional for CIPP pipe lining before the problem gets worse.

Frequent and unexplained clogs

Alongside low water pressure, frequent clogs are a clear indication that something is amiss in your pipes. When a pipe corrodes, debris starts to accumulate in the pipes causing obstructions. In the presence of obstructions, you might begin to face extremely low water pressure. In sewer lines, you might notice backups and problems with your toilet failing to flush. We recommend scheduling sewer pipe lining to restore your pipes’ function.

If your sewer shows any of the signs discussed above, North Georgia Inliners will send you qualified experts right away. Contact us today to learn more about our quality cast iron pipe lining services.

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