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CIPP Lining

CIPP lining stands for cured-in-place-pipe lining, and is a trenchless method of repair that we offer at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. This method of trenchless pipe lining in Brookhaven, GA, is popular among homeowners because of the number of advantages it offers over traditional repairs.

More Cost Effective

While CIPP pipe lining is more expensive upfront in comparison to traditional repair, it is more cost effective in the long run because there is no need for heavy equipment, extensive digging, or long hours of work and labor. Additionally, because there is very little to no excavation involved, you won’t have to worry about restoring your landscape once the repairs are completed.

Extends Pipe Lifespan

Cast iron pipe lining is an excellent alternative to traditional replacement. The epoxy used in this repair process is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. This seals any cracks, leaks, or weak joints in your sewer system, helping to extend its lifespan.

Faster Results

Digging up your yard alone can take hours to complete. Sewer pipe lining, on the other hand, requires no excavation. This means that our plumbers can complete the repair within the day, resulting in fewer disruptions to your home.

No Digging Necessary

If you have a well-manicured lawn, you will benefit from our trenchless CIPP lining service. We only need two small entry and exit points to finish the repair, so you won’t have to worry about your lawn being destroyed.

Works on All Types of Pipes

CIPP lining works on all types and sizes of pipes. It can effectively repair metal pipes with corrosion or plastic pipes with cracks. Our trenchless solution also allows us to repair each section of the pipe separately, so if only a small section of the pipe is damaged, we can fix it without disturbing the rest of your system.

NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair is one of the leading pipe lining companies that specializes in CIPP lining. To learn more about this procedure or to schedule one for your home, contact us today.