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What Sets Pipe Lining Apart?

As a trenchless repair technology, sewer pipe lining has brought a new age to economical and minimally disruptive pipeline repair. The process has significant advantages compared with traditional dig-and-replace methods. Fortunately, our professionals at North Georgia Inliners are trenchless repair specialists, technologically equipped to reseal pipes quickly and affordably.

No Large-Scale Excavation

Wholesale property excavation is an outdated pipeline repair method. It could typically take days and require extra costs, crew, and machinery while disrupting lawns, walkways, roads, or landscaping.

Trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, does away with all that by restoring pipes belowground with minimal digging or crew, leaving surroundings largely unaffected while keeping costs significantly lower.

Environmentally Friendly

Because pipe lining companies repair pipes rather than remove them, risks of erosion, accidental line damage, gas leaks or sewage spills stay lower. Impacts on surrounding ecosystems also drastically reduced.

In-Place Repair

A common approach to trenchless repair is CIPP pipe lining, or cured-in-place. The process can complete almost entirely underground or even behind walls by using single access points, often existing cleanout ports, which require minimal digging.

The Repair Process

The process begins with a video-camera inspection to gain a comprehensive understanding of the damages. Our cleaning equipment then clears away mineral buildup, infiltrated tree roots, and other material to prepare for the lining.

The cured-in-place lining process extends an epoxy-saturated tube into the pipe where it inflates and conforms to the interior. Once the liner cures, it forms a tough new pipe inside a pipe that seals all breaks and misalignments. The smooth surface lasts about 50 years and resists rust and corrosion and infiltration by water-hungry tree roots.

CIPP is perfect for multiple applications, including clay, copper, stainless steel, iron or cast iron pipe lining. Costs also halve compared to excavation work and can complete in a day.

Skilled Technicians

North Georgia Inliners is the number one provider for quality trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA. Our knowledgeable technicians and innovative technology deliver the right solutions for leaking pipes. Schedule an appointment with our team by calling us or by filling out the online form today.

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