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When We Recommend Epoxy Pipe Lining For Fixing Pipes

At North Georgia Inliners Inc., we are proud to offer services that fit our customer’s plumbing needs. For the most common pipe conditions, such as cracking, breaking, root intrusion and others, repairing via pipe lining is the most effective and economical choice.

Our proven trenchless technologies cause little to no disruption to homes and businesses alike. There’s virtually no loss in profits as there won’t be any downtime. You can continue operations and have customers and staff come in and still have the pipe issues fixed in record time. For repairing water pipes our professional technicians recommend trenchless pipe lining.

Epoxy pipe lining beats traditional pipe repair because it’s convenient, less expensive, and more importantly, it’s environmental-friendly. We won’t have to dig long trenches to uncover problem pipes, haul them out and get the job done. Your property’s driveway, drywall and flooring won’t be destroyed. Once the repair has been completed, you won’t have to hire contractors to restore the landscape.

It’s worthy to note that not all pipe structures are eligible for pipe lining. Here at North Georgia Inliners, we do a pre-lining inspection to ensure the procedure will be a complete success. A high-tech camera is attached to a flexible line, then sent down any open clean-out for a visual inspection. The video is transmitted in real-time to a small monitor, allowing our technicians to evaluate if a pipe lining will fix the problem.

During the camera inspection, the material and condition of the pipes will be determined, as well as the liner’s suitability. The pipes will then be cleaned of debris from the inside using the latest equipment and water pressure. A liner soaked with epoxy enters the system and gets placed within the problem pipe. Once cured, the epoxy material covers the interior of the pipe, forming a new pipe within the old one. The result is a stronger, seamless pipe material designed to withstand everyday use for 50 years or more. Trenchless repairs is the solution of the future!

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