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Trenchless pipe lining is a way to fix broken or worn-out underground pipes without digging them up, making them a much more popular option among homeowners. However, there are times when traditional repair methods are required. NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, one of the leading local Pipe lining company in Atlanta, GA, shares the instances where trenchless repairs are ideal:

When Excavation Isn’t Possible

Trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, is excellent for places where digging isn’t possible or would cause a lot of trouble. For example, if the broken pipe is located under a heavily traveled road, trenchless pipe lining may be a better option than traditional repairs.

When the Pipe is Hard to Reach

CIPP pipe lining is also a good choice for pipes that are hard to get to, like those that are in tight spaces or more than 15 feet underground. Because trenchless pipe lining only needs a few access points, it may be possible to fix hard to reach pipes.

When the Pipe is Still in Good Shape

Pipes in good shape but with tiny cracks or leaks can also benefit from trenchless pipe lining. Cast iron pipe lining, for example, can be used to stop further damage and extend the pipe’s life without having to do a lot of digging.

On the other hand, trenchless pipe lining isn’t a good choice for pipelines with significant structural damage, like cracks or breaks that run the length of the pipe. In these situations, the broken line might need to be dug up and replaced.

Sewer pipe lining is an efficient and cost-effective way to fix damaged pipes. When trying to determine if trenchless pipe lining is the best solution, think about the location of the damaged pipe and how bad the damage is. For reliable trenchless solutions, contact NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair today.

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