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When is Traditional Sewer Repair Advisable?

Trenchless sewer services can deliver great cost savings and reduced hassle on many types of projects, but trenchless repair work isn’t the right solution to every sewer problem. At North Georgia Inliners, our team is equipped to diagnose and repair a wide array of sewer issues, and we’re ready to apply traditional sewer line repair techniques as the need arises.

Pipe Upsizing

If a sewer line is simply too small to accommodate the necessary flow due to property expansion or increased development, simple trenchless sewer pipe line repair may not address the problem. Completely replacing an entire pipeline with a larger pipe often requires our standard excavation and repair services.

Loss of Gravity Flow

One of the most difficult sewer problems to solve is when a pipe loses its original flow gradient due to settling or separation. A dangerous sewage back-up can result in an issue that can’t be fixed by regular cleaning and relining. In these cases, it’s usually necessary to dig up the old pipeline entirely, prepare a new, solid base, and then replace sewer line as closely as possible to its original path.

Extensive Damage

Due to the invention of modern sewer repair technologies, trenchless sewer line replacement is becoming a viable option to remedy even seriously compromised pipes. On some occasions, however, the pipeline is just too damaged to fix in place. That’s where our traditional excavation and replacement expertise comes in handy.

We’re at Your Service

For professional sewer repair services in Atlanta, GA, North Georgia Inliners is the first and only name that should come to mind. Rest assured that your project will be managed efficiently by our highly capable team

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