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Rust, abrasion, heat, erosion, and root damage are the major causes of gradual sewer line deterioration. The traditional methods used to remedy such situations usually involve extensive excavation, which can lead to property damage. This is why at NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we offer sewer pipe coating as part of our sewer repair services in Roswell, GA to protect the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes from deterioration. Here is what you should know about sewer pipe coating:

What is sewer pipe coating, and how does it work?

Sewer pipe coating is a safe, reliable, and eco-friendly method of repair used to restore damaged pipelines. This method involves inserting a spray head normally connected to a hose and a cable in the pipe. Due to its flexibility, this hose can bend and travel through the piping system quite effortlessly. During sewer pipe line repair, the spray head applies resin on the surfaces of the pipes to create a protective layer.

What problems does sewer pipe coating fix?

The right sewer pipe coating technique can be very effective in safeguarding underground pipes, pumping stations, holding tanks, manholes, among other parts of a sewerage system, from all forms of degradation. By using sewer line pipe coating, you’re guaranteed that you won’t need to replace sewer line in the near future.

This is because the technology can be used to seal cracks, prevent leaks and generally improve the quality of your system’s structure. Pipe coating helps prevent future problems that could have easily shortened the lifespan of the sewer line or even resulted in a sewer line replacement.

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