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Flooded basement sewer backup Atlanta, GA

A sewer backup is a nasty incident and causes a lot of damage to your house. The contaminated wastewater is a biohazard and can cause diseases and infections if anyone touches it. It also destroys any item that absorbs the water and brings a stink that is hard to eliminate. Therefore, if you realize your sewer line is backing up, you need to call NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair for professional sewer repair in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas. Here are some tips:

Confirm It’s a Sewer Backup

It is possible to confuse a clogged drain with a sewer backup. Clogging can happen deep in the drain and obstruct wastewater passage leading to slow drainage. However, in a backup situation, the septic water begins overflowing through the toilet and sinks and may affect several areas simultaneously. However, both cases will require our sewer line repair services.

Contact The Experts

We discourage our clients from trying DIY tactics during a sewer backup. You can unclog the drains using a drain snake and plunger if it’s a minor clog. However, backing up requires us to inspect the line to determine whether you need a repair or sewer line replacement.

The extent of damage to the pipes will help us know the best way to handle the issue. We have qualified pipe lining professionals who can perform quality trenchless sewer pipe line repair and replacement. We guarantee that we will stop the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Cleanup After Repairs

We recommend getting rid of any items like carpets and rugs that absorbed the contaminated water and thoroughly cleaning up the home. If the case is severe, you may have to replace the floors that absorbed the water. Ensure you allow children back into the house after you have cleaned up every area to avoid infections.

At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we replace sewer line pipes using trenchless techniques to ensure quick and effective work. We come as soon as possible and fix all your drainage problems affordably and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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