What Causes Sewer Backups?

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Backed up sewer

Sewer backups occur when dirty water is not able to drain away because of damage or obstruction. The wastewater then comes back up the toilet, sink, or drain. At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we are dedicated to providing quality sewer repair in Atlanta, GA, for clients dealing with sewer backups and other issues. Understanding the cause of the backup makes it easier and faster for us to fix the issue and prevent it from happening in the future. We discuss these below:


We have found that many sewer backups result from hair, excess toilet paper, grease, and scum blockage. If a client experiences backup in only one place, like the kitchen sink, or toilet, the issue is only in the pipes leading from that place. However, if it happens in different places, the blockage is in the main sewer line connecting the home to the municipal sewer. Other times, it could be a blockage in the municipal sewer, affecting several homes. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to schedule sewer line repair right away.

Tree Roots

Even if clients don’t have trees or shrubs in their compound, sewer lines in their compound may be at risk of getting damaged by roots from trees growing nearby. As the roots grow, they might get into pipe cracks or joints and cause a blockage. We can identify where the roots have blocked the line using our sewer video inspection. This way, we will not dig up and damage a large portion of our clients’ yard when we replace sewer line.

Old Sewer Lines

Many sewer pipes are usually PVC, clay, cast iron, or Orangeburg. While they are durable materials, they inevitably get old and collapse over time, causing a backup. Again, we use high-end technology to locate damages before we begin sewer line replacement.

Heavy Rains

Heavy rains make the municipal sewer system hit maximum capacity, causing floods. The excess water then travels back to the sewer lines to people’s homes or commercial buildings.

Whether our clients need sewer pipe line repair or replacement, our drain cleaning company in Atlanta, GA is here to deliver high-quality and durable results. Contact NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair today to schedule an appointment.