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What Causes Recurring Clogs?

Blocked drains not only contaminate water but also cause flooding. While fixing a clogged drain may be a seemingly simple task, getting rid of serious clogs requires professional knowledge and expertise to avoid damaging your pipes. At North Georgia Inliners, we provide exceptional drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA to make sure that your drains are in the best shape. We share the leading causes of recurring clogs below:

  1. Tree Roots

Tree roots invade water pipes through small cracks and leaks, resulting in tremendous damage. While tree root invasions can happen on all pipes, they are more common in older plumbing systems, as these have weaker exteriors. If you have trees surrounding your building, you should inspect your plumbing system for tree root damage. In the event of root invasion, consult a drain cleaning company immediately. Most importantly, make sure to repair or replace the damaged components.

  2. Food Remains

Poor food waste disposal is among the top causes of recurrent clogs in the kitchen drainage. To prevent the kitchen’s sink from blocking, avoid disposing of food using the garbage disposal. Some foods, including oily foods, chocolate, meats, and cream, take longer to decay. The accumulation of such foods in the drainage system is immensely harmful. Industry professionals advise that you use a trash can to throw away food scraps. If you have a clogged drain, contact our team for professional hydro jetting or drain snaking.

  3. Soap

Different detergents and soaps are rich in greasy compounds. Flushing down the soap causes grease to combine with compounds and minerals present in hard water. Subsequently, a layer of limescale forms in the water pipes. Continued buildup of limescale can cause a clogged drain, hindering water flow. It will help if you contact our trusted company to help eradicate the accumulation of limescale. 

  4. Dirt Buildup

Excessive buildup of dirt also contributes to recurrent clogs. When doing laundry, consider removing the mud and dirt first before using the sink. Additionally, clean your sink, bathtub, and toilets often to prevent dirt accumulation.

Are you looking for expert drain cleaning services? North Georgia Inliners is your professional team to address all types of clog issues. Contact us today for an appointment.

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