What Causes Pipe Corrosion?

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At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we provide CIPP pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, and many other services. We want every client’s pipe system to work efficiently at all times. With that said, we know that the best way for homeowners to properly care for their piping system is through education.

Let our team discuss a few of the things that can cause pipe corrosion.

Low PH

A low PH is one of the biggest contributors to pipe corrosion. If you have copper pipes, this is something to consider. You will need to work with our team for sewer pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, to better maintain your pipes.

PH measures water acidity, 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline). If the pH of your water is above 8, a film of copper oxide will form inside your pipes. However, anything under 8 means that your copper pipes will lose its protective barrier.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners try to clean their drains themselves in order to save money. However, drain cleaners can be extremely harmful to your pipes due to the chemicals in it. In fact, chemical drain cleaners can burn a hole through your pipes and cause them to corrode. Instead of using a chemical drainer, homeowners should opt for trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, courtesy of NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair.

Water Temperature

You might not realize it, but your water temperature can, unfortunately, lead to pipe corrosion. If you are someone that runs hot water often, this is something to take into consideration. Hot water tends to corrode pipes a lot more quickly than cold water. With that said, since running hot water is unavoidable, consider cast iron pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, or our other pipe lining services for regular maintenance.

Keeping the health of your pipes intact is important for your home. If you’re looking for pipe lining companies in Atlanta, GAreach out to NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair today.