What a Sewer Camera Inspection Can and Can’t Find

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Sewer camera inside broken pipe

If you are having problems with your sewer line system, it’s important to call for repairs right away. Before every repair, your plumber will perform a plumbing inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Many experts use a sewer camera for assessment since it helps identify faulty lines.

That said, there are several misconceptions about what sewer camera inspection in Brookhaven, GA, can and cannot find. NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair discusses these in detail below:

What a Sewer Camera Inspection Can’t Do

  • Locate Leaks – A sewer video inspection alone will not be able to determine if your pipes are leaking. While it can help determine the location of the leak, you would still need professional leak detection.
  • Show Small Cracks – A sewer camera may not be able to detect each and every small crack during inspection.

What a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Do

While the sewer camera does not show all the faults during pipe camera inspection, it works perfectly for various functions we will be looking at here.

  • Show Invasive Tree Roots – Several tree roots may have grown inside the sewer pipes for decades. A professional sewer inspection can help reveal the location of tree roots in your pipe so you can have them removed.
  • Reveal Built Up Debris – Our sewer camera inspection services can help show clogs in your pipes. If we find any debris or buildup in your pipes, we can provide you with drain cleaning and the appropriate repair services.
  • Locate Sewer Line Connections – We perform sewer camera inspection services to locate your sewer line connections. We can also locate the direction of the lines if the gadget has a locator on it.

At NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, we offer quality plumbing and drain inspection services in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. Whether you need an inspection for a damaged sewer pipe, a clogged drain, or as part of routine maintenance, you can count on our professional services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.