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When it comes to proper plumbing care, what you don’t know may hurt you greatly. This may result in some unintentional damages and costs of repair. Some seemingly harmless habits may also go far into damaging your drain. NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, local experts in drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, shares some common ways you may be unintentionally damaging your drains.

You May be Skipping Drain Inspections

A drain inspection is the first line of defense when preventing damage to your plumbing system. Inspections are meant to locate any leakage, corrosion, or obstruction. Along with regular drain cleaning services, prompt inspections can help you avoid making an expensive mistake when preventing damage to your plumbing.

Your Garbage Disposal Method

You may be using your drainage to dispose of food waste. This may seem harmless, but it may lead to a clogged drain in the long run. This is because the waste builds up in the elbows of pipes, creating a blockage. Grease and oil clumps may also find their way down the drain during this disposal.

Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

You might be surprised to hear that some chemical cleaners may cause tremendous damage to your drain. They are effective in cleaning away the drain system, however, over time they eat the interior of the drain and make it susceptible to extensive damage. Alternatively, they may kill the waste-eating bacteria in the septic tanks. Scheduling regular drain cleaning services with a reputable drain cleaning company is a much safer way to keep drains clean and clog-free.

Flushing Foreign Objects

You may think it is quite convenient to dispose of some waste down the flushing system. This is not a good idea. Some foreign objects may find their way into the septic tanks. These foreign objects include jewelry, paper clips, and other small items. To avoid this, be careful when disposing of these items. Vacuum or shake out all things before flushing them down the drain system. You may schedule drain snaking services to remove these items.

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