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Clogged bathroom drain Brookhaven, GA

A clogged drain could cause many problems for homeowners. Understanding the top causes of blocked drains can help you in preventing them in the first place. NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, local experts in drain cleaning in Brookhaven, GA, share some of the most common causes of drain clogs:

Organic and Food Waste

When scraps of food go down a drain, they can build up and create a blockage over time. Disposing of used oil and grease can also contribute to this blockage. To avoid clogs caused by food waste, be sure to dispose of them properly in the trash and to schedule routine drain cleaning services.

Hair and Soap

In the bathroom, hair and soap scum are the leading cause of a clogged drain. Investing in a drain guard can help prevent this issue. However, if your home has hard water, the excess sediments and minerals can build up in your pipes and prevent the flow of water. Investing in a water softener and following a regular maintenance routine will help prevent clogged drains and pipes.

Baby Wipes

Flushing baby wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products down the toilet may seem fine, but these items can actually lead to a serious clog. These don’t break down, and some products like diapers even expand when wet. While you can try plunging your toilet, it may end up pushing the clog deeper into your sewer line. When that happens, you would need professional drain snaking to get rid of the blockage.

Tree Roots

If you have mature trees growing near your sewer line, you will likely experience clogged pipes. Tree roots can make their way into your sewers through small cracks in your pipes. Over time, they grow inside the pipe and completely block the flow of water.

When in need of a reliable drain cleaning company, turn to NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair. We offer a range of drain cleaning services to help keep your plumbing system in great condition. Schedule an appointment with our professional team today.

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