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Baking soda poured to unclog drainage system at home

If you’ve ever had to deal with a clogged drain, whether it’s in the toilet or the kitchen sink, you understand the struggle and inconvenience that goes along with it. While it’s tempting to use a chemical drain cleaner for an easy solution, it’s important to remember that they may have serious implications.

Here are a few problems with using chemical cleaners and why you should call for professional drain cleaning in Brookhaven, GA, instead of tackling the problem by yourself:

Highly Corrosive

Chemicals in the drain cleaning solution are designed to cut through grease, hair, and other kinds of clog buildups. But what you may not know is that chemical-based cleaners rely on heat to get rid of clogs. This means that the chemicals are corrosive and can damage pipes too.

Hazardous To The Environment

Chemical drain cleaners always find their way into water sources. On top of that, the containers will always have a small amount of chemical solution left in them, no matter how well you clean them. Alternatively, drain snaking is often an easier and equally-effective solution.

Toxic By Nature

Some cleaners contain bleach and other chemicals that emit gases. They can adversely impact the indoor air quality of the immediate vicinity. Not only are fumes problematic, but they can cause severe burns when they come into contact with your skin.

Harsh (Causes Other Damage)

The strong acids in the cleaning solutions destroy sinks and bathtubs, as it ruins enamel-based finishes, and dissolves some types of metals. This is why you contact a trusted professional for their drain cleaning services—they use gentler yet more effective ways of dealing with clogs.

If you have a clog, or simply wish to keep your drains clean and free-flowing, it’s important to act right away. Contact NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair, your trusted local drain cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia, and we’ll take care of your clogs safely. We offer a range of services to address drain issues as well as sewer line problems.

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