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Signs You Need Hydro Jetting

While most people give little thought to sewer pipe maintenance, keeping your pipes clog-free is an important part of homeownership. Thanks to regular drain cleaning in Atlanta, GA, homeowners can easily keep their pipes clean and free of clogs. North Georgia Inliners recommends hydro jetting as an easy and environmentally safe drain cleaning method. Here are three situations where hydro cleaning is ideal:

  1. You’re Experiencing Recurring Clogs

As the trusted local drain cleaning company in Atlanta, GA, we recommend hydro jetting for homeowners that experience recurring clogs. While clogs are to be expected every so often, drains that keep getting blocked is an indication of more serious issues.

Recurring clogs are often a symptom of a problem deep inside your plumbing pipes. Work with a professional that offers drain cleaning services in Atlanta, GA. We can perform an inspection to assess your drain and provide you with the proper solutions. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to scour the inside of your plumbing pipes. This process successfully removes debris including grease and scale that has built up inside your pipes over time.

  1. There Are Tree Roots in the Pipes

Aside from built up debris, a tree root invasion is another common reason for a clogged drain in Atlanta, GA. Hydro jetting is one of the most effective solutions for blasting away stubborn roots. The hydro jetting process delivers as much as 20 gallons a minute, with a force strong enough to pulverize all tree roots that are in the way.

  1. If Drain Snaking Doesn't Work

While drain snaking in Atlanta, GA is an effective solution clogged drains, there are some plumbing issues that it can’t resolve. If you’ve already tried drain snaking and it didn’t work, hydro jetting is the best next step. Hydro jetting’s high powered pressure blasts through whatever is clogging up your pipes, clearing away everything that snaking can't.

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