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Sewer Maintenance Tips for the Start of the Year

Nobody wants to deal with sewer backups. In most cases, regular sewer maintenance and care in how you use your plumbing system can prevent sewage overflow. At North Georgia Inliners, we offer affordable sewer repair services in Brookhaven, GA. Use these tips from our skilled team to keep your sewer operating smoothly year-round.

Watch What You Rinse Down the Kitchen Sink

Take caution in what you send down the kitchen sink or garbage disposal. Starchy foods absorb water, and they'll create a clog if they go down the drain. Greasy and oily foods will thicken and harden in the drain, and they'll also create an obstruction. Avoid rinsing oils, liquefied or solidified fats, bones, dairy, bread, rice or noodles down the drain. If these get into the drain, you might need a sewer pipe line repair.

Check Your Pockets

Before doing laundry, check the pockets of clothing. Small or loose items could create a clog in the washing machine's drain line. Over time, fibers and debris from clothing could obstruct the sewer line close to its connection with the washing machine. If this happens, you'll need a sewer line repair.

Avoid Flushing Certain Items

Never flush unused medication down the toilet. Wrappers, plastic items, menstrual care products, baby wipes, diapers and other health and hygiene products should never be flushed. Only flush human waste and toilet paper, otherwise you could end up with a clogged toilet or a major buildup that necessitates sewer line replacement.

Schedule Maintenance

If your home is surrounded by trees, you might suffer from tree root invasion later on. Scheduling regular sewer cleaning will help keep roots in check and prevent them from entering your pipes.. We use hydro jetting to get rid of the tree roots so that you don't have to prematurely replace sewer line.

For more helpful sewer maintenance tips and professional services, contact North Georgia Inliners today.

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