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Main Causes of Sewer Backups

North Georgia Inliners is the only name to remember for comprehensive sewer repair services in Roswell, GA, and beyond. We believe in educating current and prospective clients alike about a variety of commonly encountered plumbing issues, and we offer the following facts on the major causes of sewer line problems.

Loose Hair

Whether it comes from humans or pets, hair presents a serious problem for most plumbing systems. Accumulated hair rarely necessitates complete sewer line replacement, but it can create a solid mat that hampers or blocks the flow of wastewater in a very short time.

Discarded Food and Grease

Food particles and grease that are allowed to escape down a sink drain are among the leading reasons that we’re called on to perform sewer pipe line repair services. Liquid grease may harden into a solid as it cools, and this can cause a narrowing of the pipe’s flow area that traps additional grease and food until the pipeline is completely blocked.

Insoluble Hygiene Products

Toilet tissue is formulated to dissolve in water, but most types of facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene items are not. Even occasionally discarding these products down a sewer drain can lead to unintended sewer line repair work later on.

Pipe Damage

A pipeline that has partially or completely collapsed is yet another common cause of sewage back-ups. In most cases, the only remedy for a damaged pipe is to reline or replace sewer line in the area where the problem has occurred.

The best way to determine if the back-up that you’re experiencing is caused by blockage or damage is to hire North Georgia Inliners to conduct a thorough sewer camera inspection of your system. Call or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment with our skilled personnel anywhere in the greater Atlanta area today.

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