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The harsh winters in northern Georgia can be challenging when one is considering how to keep their plumbing safe. Plumbing undergoes a lot of stress during the winter months; not only do we have to deal with the freezing temperatures, but we also have the variable of unexpected thawing when the hot water is in use.

Below are a few tips to save you from any frustrating, frozen pipes:

Make sure you insulate your pipes, both interior and exterior.

Put away all exterior, potential access points, including water and pool hoses that connect to the outside of the home. These outlets may have water inside them, so be sure to drain them and store them in a warm, insulated, and dry space such as a garage, crawl space, attic, or basement room. For interior pipes, make sure they are properly insulated and tucked away.

Try keeping your cabinet doors open.

If you have pipes under your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, open the doors to allow proper air flow and circulation. The circulation of warm air will help keep your pipes from freezing during the winter months.

Keep your garage or exterior doors closed as much as possible.

Most homes have exterior water line pipes located in a garage or somewhere on the exterior of the home. If your water lines are in your garage, keep your garage door closed as often as possible, or insulate the water lines using newspaper. Even a small amount of newspaper may add enough insulation to keep a pipe from freezing.

During very cold temperatures, let water drip from your faucets.

Constantly running water will decrease the chances of your pipes freezing during the day or overnight. Though it may increase your water bill, it will lower the chances of any major cost incurred from frozen pipes.

Consider keeping your indoor temperature the same during the day as you do at night.

Constant temperatures help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting due to rapid thawing. This may cause you to have a higher water or heating bill, but it could save you thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs.


In the face of harsh Georgia winters, safeguarding your plumbing is paramount. For expert care, rely on a trusted drain cleaning company in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. By insulating pipes, controlling cabinet airflow, and maintaining consistent indoor temperatures, you’ll ensure a winter free of plumbing woes. Keep the water flowing and your home warm—contact NGI Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Repair for professional guidance and support.