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Four Ways To Maintain Your Pipes For The New Year

The coming of the new year signifies new journeys, and new beginnings. Why not start it right by making sure your pipes are running smoothly and in optimal condition? Maintaining good plumbing will mean lower water bills and a more efficient sewer system. Here are four ways to maintain your pipes for the upcoming year:

Schedule An Inspection

A thorough inspection of the visible pipes should be done at least once every six months. Check for leaks and broken pipes or fixtures and see if there are damp spots in the walls that could indicate plumbing issues.

For pipes that are deep underground, call in a professional. They will have the knowledge and expertise to detect problems before it turns into a full-blown emergency. Innovative camera inspection techniques can get to any point in your sewer system without having to dig a trench.

Get Your Drains Cleared And Cleaned

The key to preventing clogs and backups in drains is to install strainers or mesh screens in the shower, tub, and sink. With these solutions, any food debris, coffee grounds, and large materials will get caught before they cause trouble. You should also be aware and not flush items such as baby wipes and grease down the toilet and drains.

At North Georgia Inliner, we recommend hydro jetting to restore your sewer lines to a completely refurbished state. A flexible hose and a hydro jetter flushes out calcified matter, stuck debris, and even bacteria out to the nearest municipal treatment system.

Check If Your Basement Is Draining Properly

Basement flooding can lead to extensive and expensive property damage. Check and see if all the basement drains are working, and consider installing a sump pump in order to divert excess water to where it needs to go.

Consider Trenchless Repairs

At North Georgia Inliners, our professional technicians can help maintain your sewer lines and restore them to a brand new state. Trenchless repairs can quickly rehabilitate broken, ailing, and old pipes quickly and efficiently. We’ll have your water or sewer lines repaired with minimal disruption as well. The new pipe material is highly resistant to common pipe problems, including corrosion, cracking, leaking, and root intrusion. Call us today to see how we can help.

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