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Eliminate Leaks & Avoid Demolition With Roof Drain Lining

The roof drain pipe repairs in previous years were one-and-done affairs, meaning that they had to be replaced once they deteriorated beyond repair. The only problem is that it took a significant amount of time and cost homeowners thousands of dollars to get a new one. Today’s trenchless technology fixes that dilemma with a quick and efficient solution using the latest innovations in the plumbing industry. The liners are prepared and inserted into existing cleanouts which meant there’s virtually zero digging and destruction of property.

How We Fix Pipes Without The Demolition

If your roof drains are leaking or slow to work, then you should contact North Georgia Inliners to have it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage it can inflict on you and your family’s health and property. Mold and mildew forming inside walls, the ceiling, and the attic can lead to serious health conditions. Here at North Georgia Inliners, we recommend having an inspection carried out in order to determine the state of your roof drains and the best solutions to save you time and money.

Our experienced technicians use trenchless technology, an eco-friendly process that foregoes landscape and environmental damage. Many underground materials contain toxic substances that could prove to be harmful when exposed, but our roof drain lining procedure prevents this from happening.

A small access point is created, and a felt liner coated with special epoxy resin is inserted into the ailing pipe. Using hot air or steam, the liner is inflated and the epoxy sticks to the insides of the old pipe. In just a few hours the resin forms the new pipe within the old structure. The new material is durable and is set to last for 50 years or more, fixing any cracks or leaks in your roof drain piping.

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