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Destroy the Problem, Not Your Lawn, With Our Trenchless Sewer Repair Work in Roswell

A beautiful lawn is a wonderful thing, and you’re justifiably proud of your Roswell home. You’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars and countless hours choosing the right trees, the perfect shrubs, the carefully coordinated flower beds. You’ve weeded and seeded, dethatched and aerated, fertilized and watered your grass to a velvety green perfection. It’s your proudest achievement – and it can all be destroyed in a day if you choose the wrong sewer repair company.

If you use a traditional, trench-digging sewer repair company, all of your hard work will be crushed under the treads of the heavy equipment used to complete the repair. The contractor will expose the damaged pipe with a four-foot deep trench from the foundation of your house all the way to the connection at the road, ripping a vast wound though your yard. That 200-year-old oak that the sewer line runs beneath? Gone. The damage from a major sewer repair can take years to repair.

A ruptured sewer line is bad enough without losing your landscaping in the repair process. You’re already dealing with offensive odors, messy sewage ponds in the yard, and insect invasions. When repairing the sewer problem causes as much damage as it corrects, it often feels like you’re losing the battle twice.

Why lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build when North Georgia Inliners can fix that damaged sewer line right in the ground? Our modern trenchless sewer repair methods don’t require any heavy excavation equipment because they’re completed using the built-in access points in the sewer line called clean-out ports. These little openings are easy to expose with just a small hole, so there’s little to no damage to your yard during the repair process.

Once we’ve opened the access ports, we inspect the inside of the leaking pipe with our video camera inspection system. We find all of the places that are already damaged and the parts that are showing serious signs of wear. Then we carefully clean out all of the buildup, corrosion and obstructions – such as our locally troublesome tree roots – to prepare the pipe for relining. When that’s finished, we insert a specialized liner that looks like a long, skinny windsock covered in a high-strength epoxy resin. The liner and installation tools fit easily through the clean-outs, so we can slide the repair sleeve right into the leaking pipe and position it to completely seal all of the deteriorated sections of pipe. We then inflate the tube and it presses the epoxy against the inside of the pipe to completely seal every leak and crevice. The epoxy takes a few hours to harden into a cured-in-place pipe that fully restores your sewer line. All of this happens below ground in your yard without disturbing anything on the surface.

With our trenchless repair solution, your lovely landscaping doesn’t bear the impact of an unexpected sewer problem. Your 200-year-old oak is, and your grass is as healthy and beautiful as ever. Destroy the leaking sewer problem, keep your lawn with North Georgia Inliners’ trenchless sewer repair.

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