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What You Need to Know About Your Damaged Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes are a necessity. Without them, it would be challenging to control gray water and organic waste. That’s why sewer pipe lining and cleaning are essential. Lining the sewer pipes when there is an issue is imperative to extend their lifespan and protect them from significant damage. To keep your sewer system running smoothly, our technicians here at North Georgia Inliners can help you discover the things you need to know about your sewer pipes.

1.  It is possible not to need major digging 

Unlike traditional sewer repairs, trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA saves your foundation and yard. You don’t need to handle ugly tranches that rip through your yard, driveway, and other parts of your property. Our technicians can fix all your sewer issues from two small access points at any end of the sewer line. We can also address your sewer issues with very minimal disruption.

2.  There is a cost-effective way to restore the existing pipe

Using CIPP pipe lining, our experts can repair your current sewer line while it’s still underground. We use a specialized camera to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. We then restore your pipe by applying an advanced epoxy resin. After the solution sets in, you can start using your sewer system again.

3.  You can save time and money

One of the primary reasons most clients have started to embrace cast iron pipe lining with their drain pipes is the efficiency of these repairs, particularly when compared with conventional excavation options. Our experts can complete these cured-in-place applications within a few hours, saving you both labor costs and time.

North Georgia Inliners is one of the top pipe lining companies today, with many years of experience in trenchless pipe lining services. We can use the trenchless CIPP method to restore damaged sewer pipes. Contact us today for more information about your sewer pipes or to schedule an appointment.

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