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Ways Drains Get Damaged

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your sewer system in good shape, and that includes your drains. If you have a bad clog, however, it’s best to get professional drain cleaning in Roswell, GA from North Georgia Inliners as you may accidentally damage your drains. We share some of the most common ways homeowners damage their drains below:

Foreign Objects

One reason homeowners need drain cleaning services is because of people flushing things that should never be flushed down their toilets. Feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes, kitty litter and paper towels are only a few examples of those items. Everything but human waste and toilet paper should go into the trash.

Sometimes, foreign objects like jewelry, small toys and toiletries can end up going down the drain as well. You might accidentally knock something over and not notice. The end result is a clogged drain that’s a mystery to you. Additionally, the sharp edges of some objects can scratch the interior of your drains, which can lead to further damage over time.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are heavily marketed products for clearing out clogs. Unfortunately, they can do a lot more damage than good, as they can corrode your pipes with prolonged use. Instead of using chemical drain cleaners, you should get professional drain snaking or hydro jetting, which are gentler and much more effective..

Improper Use of Your Garbage Disposal

If you improperly use your garbage disposal, it can badly damage your kitchen sink drain. Never put foods or food particles that are too hard down the drain. Eggshells, fruit pits, coffee grounds and other similar porous or fibrous foods should be thrown in the trash can. You should also avoid putting oils and grease in the disposal and drain as it can lead to a severe clog.

North Georgia Inliners is a drain cleaning company that can help you maintain clean and clog-free drains. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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