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Tips on Dealing With a Sewer Emergency

If you’ve ever dealt with a damaged sewer line or similar problem at your property, you know that the situation can deteriorate rapidly. We here at North Georgia Inliners are skilled at providing a full range of sewer repair services in Atlanta, GA, and we want you to be prepared in case you ever find yourself facing this type of issue again.

Close Valves

If you have access to the water supply valves, they should be closed immediately to prevent adding further water to an already overtaxed sewer line. You should close any shut-off valves that are associated with your sewer line as well.

Restrict Access

Steps should be taken to keep people and animals from entering the immediate vicinity of the damaged line until sewer line repair services have been completed. This is especially important if sewage has spilled from the pipe.

Call for Help

A professional with experience in sewer pipe line repair must be contacted to come out and inspect the damage as soon as possible. Detailed information should be provided during the initial phone call so that the expert can offer guidance on things that you can do while awaiting their arrival.

Clean Up Completely

After the sewer line replacement or sewer line repair work has been completed, all flooring, walls, pavement, and other hard surfaces in the area must be cleaned using soap or detergent, hot water, and a disinfectant. Exposed soil and grass should be hosed off to remove all traces of sewage.

Trust Our Experienced Team

If you’re in need of expert help to repair or replace sewer line at your property, give North Georgia Inliners a call today. We will discuss the problems that you’re having and schedule an appointment so we can address them right away.

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