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Sewer Pipe Replacement

The Best Georgia Sewer Pipe Replacement Services

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Sewer pipe replacements are a large undertaking for the residents and business owners that are getting the work done to their properties. Thankfully, the industry has advanced immensely over the years to provide us with better options for our services. Trenchless technologies provide companies like North Georgia Inliner with the ability to perform even the biggest tasks, such as total replacements, with minimally invasive methods. With no digging involved, trenchless solutions allow us to perform the repairs inside the pipes and leave properties the way they were when we arrived, but with a fixed and fully-functioning sewer system.

Even the biggest repair or replacements still can benefit from trenchless methods, which keep the service simple and provide the best solution for each different situation that we face. Two examples are are pipe lining services and pipe bursting services, both trenchless and both producing great results.

Pipe Lining

Replacements can be done with a relining of the old pipes that are already in place. If the pipes are in good enough condition, we are able to reline them with a durable, epoxy liner. The first step after cleaning and an inspection is to cut a felt tube that fits perfectly to the portion of the pipe being replaced or for your entire system’s length, if needed. We use our specialized machine push the epoxy-coated tube throughout the system. Once in place, we then inflate it and steam it to have it cure to the pipe that is already in place. As this happens, it will cool and harden to the old pipe’s interior, forming a new pipe within it. This is called a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining process. That section or system is now ready to go for decades to come. With proper maintenance such as routine cleanings, it can last as many as 50 plus years.

Pipe Bursting

Sometimes, your sewer system will have weak spots that need treated independently and you can avoid a total replacement with such fixes. One of the ways to perform sectional replacements and repairs is with sewer pipe bursting. This is exactly what it sounds like - the bursting of a section of pipe to replace it with a new pipe. This process uses a drill head that plows through the section and bursts the pipes as it goes. As the pipe is cracked into pieces by the drill, the pieces are pushed into the surrounding soil. While this is happening and as the drill passes through, the machine is also pulling in a new segment of pipe to replace the old pipe. When the process is completed and the new pipe is in place, we seal the new portions to the old pipes, leaving you with a brand new line.

North Georgia Inliner is here to help with your sewer repair and replacement needs. Give us a call today to get your inspection done to see if you’re a candidate for any of these sewer replacement options.

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