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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in Atlanta, GA

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In the past, prior to the introduction of trenchless sewer repair processes, these repairs required heavy machinery to dig through swaths of a homeowner’s property in order to expose the faulty sewer line. At North Georgia Inliners, we provide our customers in Atlanta with a new way of repairing their sewer systems back to normal. The large plows and labor crews are eliminated, and with limited equipment and technicians, we are able to restore your pipes in half the time and cost.

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Inspecting the Sewer System for Faults

The first component of all of our work includes a sewer camera inspection or your Atlanta property to be conducted following our arrival. Our camera is placed on treads that allow us to navigate it throughout the system with ease, exposing faults in the line including cracks, leaks, holes, and corrosion. With all of these problems revealed to our technicians, we can promise a completely accurate diagnosis of the exact problem in your home and determine the best solution for solving it.

Preparing the Pipe for Repair

In order to remove excessive amounts of waste and corrosion inside the pipe, we employ a trenchless-based cleaning method that is completely safe for potable water systems as well as main sewer lines. Our hydro jetting equipment is limited to a water tank, hose, and a jetting nozzle that redirects the water as it’s being blasted through the pipes. The pressurized water pummels clogs into small pieces and rinses them away, while corrosion and waste along the walls are completely washed away to reveal the original, smooth diameter of the sewer line.

Sewer Pipe Lining to Repair Damaged Pipe Lines

When a break or crack is found inside the pipeline, trenchless sewer pipe repair can be employed through two different methods depending on the severity of the damage. Sewer pipe lining is a method that allows us to create a new pipe inside the old one. A liner coated with epoxy resin is inserted into the pipe and inflated. As the liner is expanded to match the diameter of the host sewer line, the resin is pressed against the interior and safely covers the damaged areas. After allowing a few hours for the curing and hardening process, the liner is deflated and removed. What is left behind is a clean new pipe without ever removing the old pipe.

Pipe Bursting to Replace Old Sewer Lines

Pipe bursting is a method that places a new pipe right where the old one resides, with no digging or removal. The new pipe is fitted with a pipe splitting head, called a mole. The mole and new pipe are drawn through the old pipe. The original pipe is fractured during the pulling process, and its fragments are pushed into the surrounding soil as the new pipe takes over space. In either case, both of our solutions will produce long-lasting results, the liners expected to last for fifty years as a result of their durable, smooth, and resistant features.

North Georgia Inliners has an experienced team in Atlanta. Allow is to consult with you about trenchless sewer repair options. Call us now for cost-effective options that will keep your sewer lines clean and clear for many years.

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