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Reasons Behind a Sewer Stoppage

Almost every homeowner experiences sewer stoppage at one time or another. Sewer stoppage should be looked at with urgency, as they can cause costly damage to your property. If you suspect that your home has a sewer stoppage, be sure to contact North Georgia Inliners for professional sewer repair services in Atlanta, GA. Learn about the top causes of sewer stoppages below:

1.  Flushing the Wrong Things

Avoid flushing solid items such as feminine products and wipes down your toilet. These items do not disintegrate like toilet paper and will only cause a blockage over time. If the clog isn’t addressed, it can contribute to a sewer backup that would require more costly and extensive sewer line repair.

2.  Tree Roots

Roots from trees near your sewer line can get into the system and continue to spread inside the pipes. They can cause sewer stoppage, as these can block the flow of water in your pipes. If the pipes have been severely damaged by the invading tree roots, you might need a sewer line replacement to restore their function and efficiency.

3.  Damaged Pipes

A damaged pipe does not allow water and sewage to flow properly, which can lead to a sewer waste buildup. Causes of damaged pipes could be improper installation, aging, increased pressure, or major shifts in soil due to heavy traffic on the ground above the pipes. Pipe damage can also be caused by earthquakes or other disturbances in the ground. If the pipes are aged, you will need to replace sewer line as repairing them will not solve the problem.

Regular sewer pipe line repair and maintenance will help prevent issues like sewer backups. When in need of reliable sewer services, don’t hesitate to contact North Georgia Inliners. We offer a wide range of services and have a team of experienced professionals that can help keep your sewers in good condition.

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