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NGI Sewer Camera Inspection Services


North Georgia Inliners provides innovative sewer camera inspection technology to the community members of Roswell, Georgia. This modern solution combines a durable, high-definition camera with fiber optics to give our expert technicians a real-time view of what is happening in your sewer system and water lines. We have the knowledge needed to ensure the best possible customer experience every time.

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How We Locate Problems In Your Pipes

At North Georgia Inliners, our sewer camera inspection technology is an important part of every repair process from beginning to end. At the beginning of a repair visit, the technician can use the camera system to fully inspect the interior of the pipe to pinpoint the location of the problem, such as revealing a clog or detecting a leak, and evaluate its nature and the severity of the damage. Knowing the source of the problem significantly reduces the time it takes to correct it by eliminating trial and error and preventing unpleasant surprises during the procedure.

During the repair procedure, we use the camera to help guide the innovative tools that make trenchless repairs possible. The sewer camera serves as the technician’s eyes, monitoring the sewer lining as it moves into position, checking the corners for debris to clean during hydro jetting service, or leading the pipe bursting tool through the damaged pipe. Sewer camera inspection is an integral part of effective trenchless solutions.

Reasons To Invest In Camera Inspections Conducted By Our Professionals

Sewer camera inspections are invaluable tools for not only fixing problems and restoring functionality to water lines in homes and businesses in Roswell but for preventative care as well. At North Georgia Inliners, we are proud to offer our services outside of confined, emergency contexts and allow our customers to rely on them for other scenarios as well.

  1. Annual Home Inspections

    You can take advantage of the high-definition sewer camera footage to help you care for the sewer lines in your home and business. An annual sewer camera inspection by our experts at North Georgia Inliners will reveal subtle signs of aging pipes before a sewer emergency develops. We can locate areas weakened by corrosion, heat damage, or deterioration that can be easily strengthened with low-cost sewer coating. We can also measure the thickness of mineral deposits or the progression of tree root intrusion, so you can decide whether it’s time for a drain cleaning. Our camera service gives you control over your sewer repair budget.

  2. Home Renovation Inspections

    Sewer camera inspection is also helpful when you are preparing for a home renovation, landscaping project, or utility work. We can map your sewer lines with our video camera to create a complete diagram of your sewer system, including pipes and connections. With this information, you can dig for new foundations, slabs, wall footings, light or fence poles, or water features with confidence that you won’t accidentally rupture a sewer line.

  3. Building Inspections

    For new construction, our sewer camera technology can assist with the building inspection process. We can perform plumbing and sewer pre-inspections to locate any areas that may not meet current building requirements. Our technicians are fully versed in all the local Roswell building codes, so we can readily identify potential problems so that you can make the corrections before you schedule your rough or final inspection. A failed inspection can postpone a building project by weeks, but you can prevent that unfortunate delay with an inexpensive sewer camera inspection.

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