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Why are routine sewer inspections so important? Inspections are a critical component to keeping your Johns Creek, Georgia pipes in good condition. What is the condition of your pipes? Unless you recently had an inspection done, there is no way to know for sure. Our pipes are unseen and, therefore, largely a mystery to us. Most times, we probably forget that they even exist past the parts that we see in our homes under our sinks. But the truth is that the main part of our sewer systems lies where we can’t see - beneath the ground. These pipes run under our homes and through our yard until they reach the city’s main sewer line. In the old way of doing things, the only way to get a glimpse of the pipes was to dig up the property around it, creating a mess for the owners to have to deal with afterward. But now trenchless technologies allow professionals like ours here at North Georgia Inliner to perform our services from the inside of the pipes, making the process easier than ever.

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Inspections Can Prevent Small Problems from Growing

A great benefit of sewer camera inspections is their ability to show us any existing issues and allow our technicians to fix it before it becomes worse. In this way, we are able to save clients large amounts of money by fixing a smaller issue before it becomes something larger. One thing that is commonly found are leaks. Leaks that are smaller will not be detected by normal day-to-day activities. But, over time, that small leak may become a larger crack which can then lead to a total break, causing for an entire section of a pipe to be replaced instead of patched up, and bringing higher repair costs with it.

Risks of Unknown Leaks

A leak can be a dangerous thing when it’s not known about. Leaks that lie in pipes that are in a home’s walls can show no symptoms, and therefore go undetected for quite some time. The leak may eventually show up as a small spot in the ceiling, which means it has already damaged your building’s interior. Moreover, sitting water will grow mold and mildew, which is dangerous to a person’s health. There is also the risk of electricity and water mixing, leading to the risk of a fire in your home, especially with those leaks that happen inside of your walls and ceilings. If you get routine inspections, you won’t have to detect leaks by watching for damage to your property. We will spot the issue before it gets to that point.

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Leak Detection in Johns Creek, GA

Trenchless sewer camera inspections are performed with a small, high-definition camera that is pushed through the entire tract of your home. The camera detects the issues, such as leaks, and we know exactly where the area is that needs to be treated. We are then able to use lining techniques to repair any leaks or cracks. Having your routine cleanings and inspections will allow this process to continue for years without any major issues sneaking up on your family.

North Georgia Inliner brings leak detection services to the Johns Creek, Georgia area, providing our customers with preventative maintenance to help them save money, time, and stress. If you fear you may have a leak or you need an inspection to prevent one, call North Georgia Inliner today.

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